Aerial Charter & Airwork

AGAIR operates a variety of aircraft to meet the individual needs of our clients.  We provide charter and airwork services to both corporate and private clients.  We ensure a high level of safety through extensively trained crews and highly maintained aircraft.

We are able to operate throughout Australia providing services in:-

  • Mining Fly In – Fly Out
  • Urgent movement of freight or parts for repairs or maintenance into remote areas
  • Charter service within Victoria or elsewhere in Australia
  • Observation work including fish/whale spotting, mapping and aerial surveillance
  • Search and rescue missions

We operate a variety of aircraft from a Turbo Commander 690 to A36 Bonanza.  This enables us to tailor your requirements to a plane that meets your needs. 

We are able to carry up to nine (9) passengers or 1 tonne of freight.

All our aircraft are IFR capable, equipped and ready for search and rescue missions either during the daylight or at night.

Clients include:

AGAIR Air Charter & Airwork clients include the following