Aerial Fire Fighting

AGAIR is the industry leader in Aerial Fire Fighting Operations in Australia.  No other organisation is able to provide the depth and range of aircraft firefighting services we offer.  We employ specialist pilots from Australia and around the world to ensure our fleet are manned by the most competent crews available.

Our firefighting power includes the DC10 (Very Large Air Tanker), SEAT Aircraft (Single Engine Air Tankers), Fire Boss 802 (Water Scooping Aircraft), Twin Commanders (lead aircraft for Large and Very Large Air Tankers), and Cessna 337s (Air Attack Platforms).

AGAIR is proud of its aerial firefighting heritage having first demonstrated this unique capability to politicians in Canberra during the mid-1960’s and being designated the Call sign Bomber 1 during those years when aerial firefighting was in its infancy in Australia.  We have now amassed many decades of firefighting experience and use this knowledge not only to provide the best level of firefighting from the air, but also in working with fire agencies to understand the potential uses of aircraft in firefighting.

Our continued relationships with National and State fire agencies continuously for many decades have enabled continuous improvement and innovation of aircraft, equipment and systems to deliver the most cost effective and efficient solutions.

We have long and distinguished relationships with:

AGAIR have long and distinguished relationships with the following