Aerial Firefighting

AGAIR Response specialise in delivering aerial fire fighting solutions. It was one of the first business’s in Australia to supply the Air Tractor AT-802 fire bombing aircraft to fire agencies and continues to do so through multiple long term contracts.

Teaming with 10 Tanker Air Carrier, AGAIR supplies the DC10 VLAT (Very Large Air Tanker) to Australia and the surrounding regions. With a capability to deliver more than twelve AT-802 SEAT loads at one time, the DC10 became a game changer for Australian fire agencies, and provides enormous benefit when managing large fires.

AGAIRs mix of Citation and Turbo Commander supervision aircraft and lead planes are known in Australia as Birddogs. These aircraft are generally dispatched to an incident first and work in cooperation with other aircraft to maintain a safe and efficient working environment over the fire ground.

The addition into some of the Birddog aircraft of next generation imaging systems that are capable to capture large area images in a multi-spectral format and process this data onboard ready for incident controllers to upload into their mapping software, provides actionable intelligence, improved situational awareness and firefighter safety on the fire ground.

For the ultimate versatility and rapid initial attack, the CL-415 (super scooper) completes AGAIRs versatile range of fire fighting aircraft capability. The CL-415 has proven itself very effective at delivering very large volumes of suppressant on fires where there is a water source nearby to reload and not having to land at an airport to refill its tanks.

The core values of PROFESSIONALISM, SAFETY AND PROGRESSIVE remains at the heart of the AGAIR team as we aspire to meet the community expectations of an all round first responder to fire emergencies.