Key Personnel

The AGAIR Group is an Australian business which is wholly owned by Australian families who have long standing associations with the aviation industry. Their commitment and dedication to the business, and the industry is displayed within this experience.

Rob Boschen

Chief Executive Officer
With a life in aviation that now spans over 40 years, his knowledge and experience has the AGAIR Group well established as a professional, safe and progressive business. His foresight and guidance positioned AGAIR in providing numerous firsts to the agricultural and fire fighting industries.

Sue Boschen

Business Manager
Sue’s career in aviation extends back 30 years when she was marketing aviation fuels for a major fuel supplier. This experience is constantly drawn upon when managing growth and change within the AGAIR Group.

Guy Stevenson

Chief Operating Officer
Guys career in aviation has seen him flying different aircraft in many countries around the world. This experience is utilised during the development of new projects, cultural relations and flying operations. In addition, Guy manages the Agflite business and provides support to Rob in the day to day management of business as a whole.